Saturday, March 20, 2010

[Magicabus] - Jean-Dominique Converset & Frank Galance - Man Power

Magicabus - mag 002 - Jean-Dominique Converset & Frank Galance - Man Power

Not my cup of tea, but maybe someone else will enjoy this one.



  1. Thanks for these library selections ;O

  2. "Magicabus"?? Who in da heck???

  3. the label was new to me aswell. cover looked good, cool tune-names etc.. could have been great, turned out it wasn't :)

  4. This is spooky! After a Master Plus/Musical Touch Sound weekend of join the dots I realised the hidden variable for most of the releases on both labels was a guy called 'Christian Bonneau' who seemed to have produced all except the first two Yan Tregger albums on MTS...and now I realise he is all over the Magicabus releases as well so I go searching and lo and behold I am once again back in Pornotrond land!

    For the Master Plus label as well as featuring as an joint artist on a couple of releases Christian Bonneau also seems to have produced the majority of them (I am guessing the ones he didn't feature on look like they were licensed from another label).
    What is interesting about the Master Plus releases is the fact it says on the record "Artistic collaboration & record conception Christian Bonneau" so I am beginning to wonder if he was actually behind both Musical Touch Sound and the Master Plus label? (or is "record conception" a French term for producer..mm..muses...)

    For the Magicabus releases, obviously he produced this album and all the others I think though I cannot find out if he produced the "Apocalypse : Biorhythm - Fiction Scenes" album which I have just seen you have also posted! (I spent last year searching for a copy after been told it has a curiously "now" feel about it and couldnt even find one on sale for a vastly overinflated price, lord knows how I missed your post of it!)

    One other weird thing is the fact while the MTS releases seem to be French, the Master Plus releases seem to be nearly all German while the Magicabus releases are all French

    I hope this MTS/Master Plus/Magicabus connection actually exists otherwise I will feel a little foolish! If anyone has any info about this labels or Christian Bonneau, I would be fascinated to hear it.