Thursday, November 18, 2010

[Capitol Production Music] - Roger Webb - Prime Time/Contempo

Capitol Production Music - Media Music The Professional 18 - Roger Webb - Prime Time/Contempo

Post #100! This one features the amazing 'Flying Objects' by Roger Webb from the Dirk Diggler docu in Boogie Nights. As the track wasn't included on either soundtrack-releases, the search introduced me to librarymusic. This album has kept slipping through my fingers, but Smys saves the day and offers his rip of this great album! Thanks :)


  1. Cool uptempo dicoey stuff, thanks again, and 100 posts you truly are kind for sharing all these rare LP's without you probably would have never seen half of these in my lifetime.

  2. Pornotrond is such an inspiring example of what a creative vehicle music blogs can be (in the right hands with the right heart) and as the previous poster quite rightly points out, many of us would have never even known half these records even existed, never mind actually getting to hear them!

    Every post you do is kinda special in its own way but the Roger Webb rip is worthy of an extra special 100th post...I am so glad you referenced where the'Flying Objects' track came from otherwise I would have spent the next week racking my addled brain as to where I heard it before...huge thanks to you and your friend Smys for making this post possible, you are all freakin' stars!

    Here's to the next 100 posts!

  3. Sorry to bother you again: does anybody know what happened to "The Library Hunt". Would love to know if that moved to another blog or something. Thank you very much.

  4. Thanks for the kind comments :) @ Korla: No bother, check out valverdemusic.blogspot.com

  5. great post! any way to maybe get a 320k rip from the person who initally donated it to the blog? espessaly for the "flying objects" cut (that's crazy how it made its way into the boogie nights movie).

    - jimmy michaels

  6. Any chance you could re-up this? Just discovered Roger Webb via Au Pair Girls via Netflix and would love to give this a full listen before I go digging.

  7. yes a re-up would be very appreciated please

  8. Any way someone re-up this (in 320 or Flac) ?

    Thanks a BUNCH.