Thursday, December 15, 2011

[Mondiophone] - Georges Rodi - Spaciology

Mondiophone - 46558 - Georges Rodi - Spaciology

More synth, enjoy!



  1. Continued thanks for the synthi (and others) goodness.

  2. Thanks Ptrond,
    another one i(we) missed :)

  3. excellent. i'm usually cautious with mid-late 80s, but on quick listen there's some nice cuts here, "agressive research" and "motomation" are my choices at the moment...

    thanks as always, ptrond!

  4. thanks o much and happy christmas Holidays
    PTROND i was looking for this on my ears!

    italian cdr army

  5. Have to agree with litlgrey on this one, a MAJOR find (and I hardly ever capitalise!), one of the most sought after eighties library records amongst the cosmic disco/electronic heads along with his 1979 'Space' album on Crea Sound Ltd.

    Actually, I can hardly believe my eyes or ears! I first asked you about this album back in June 2010 when you posted his 1987 Hot Shots album and like the freakin' library god you are, here it finally is!....and was it worth the years of salivating over in anticipation of what it would sound like, hell yeah! Just magnificent!

    Agree with Stack, Agressive Research is jaw-dropping, sounds like the Detroit 3 were bugging Rodi's studio back in the early eighties as it has an eerie affinity to the Detroit techno sound.
    Future Dynamics is a great synth-prog crossover track and Tropical Resonance give Zaka and Guem a run for their percussion, funky as hell.
    The last two tracks are almost too good, Space Station is true to its word, the sound of deep space machine elves deep in conversation while the last track 'Free Resonance' sounds like it was recorded 27 seconds ago and not 27 years.

    As a disco-head the Arpadys album has always been my favourite overall Georges Rodi album but I think Spaciology has over taken it for the number one spot!

  6. Great comment, the saucer people! Glad you enjoy it! I so wanna hear 'Space'. Very elusive tho :(

  7. The cosmic disco gods are smiling on us in 2012 Pornotrond! No doubt you have (quite rightly) got a sneak preview of Gianni's 'Space' post:


    It's "link by request" time for this one, so I am hoping and praying the internet doesn't break down before a link arrives in my inbox!

    Well, that's my top two library cosmic disco holy grails sorted and I have got to say, Spaciology just gets better and better!

  8. I finally found a link to this that works:


    Unbelievable album!