Monday, August 16, 2010

[Electrosonic Studio] - Don Voegeli - Untitled

Electrosonic Studio - Instant Production Music Vol.12 - Don Voegeli - Untitled



  1. Voegeli!!

  2. Hello!

    Wow, you've got some great music here! I've had a great time listening to pretty much everything!

    I was wondering if you might be able to help me out. You see, I'm trying to track down a music library that was used as background music in a Japanese TV series named "Gatchaman." I know that some music was created for the series, but it was supplimented by at least two library music collections. One of these was the Montparnasse 2000 collection, but I'm trying to figure out what the other one might be.

    The only clue I have toward identifying it comes from looking through scripts of episodes that were marked by the Directors. You see, in the scripts, all of the MP2000 pieces were indicated by the prefix "MP," which makes perfect sense when you know what it means. The prefix for the other library music that appeared in those scripts is a "6."

    So, what I'm wondering is if you happen to know of a library music collection that used a "6" or a "Six" prominently in its title? Since "Gatchaman" was produced between 1972 and 1974, it would have to be a label that would have been available by the early 1970s. I've done some searching on my own, but a "6" isn't much to work with. So, I was hoping it might be something that would ring a bell with you.

    Sorry to be a bother, and thank you for your help! And keep up the good work on this great site!

  3. Hey! Another Voegeli.

    Yepper! :-) (very curious)

  4. This is fun! Instant Production Music Vol. 4 is easily one of the craziest in this series -- "News and Public Affairs". Nothing but the strangest 70s moog beds, I've heard a sample but would love to check out the whole LP.

  5. Hello James, no bother - quite the contrary, and sorry that I can't be of any help. Listened to the youtube-vids you posted on Thelibraryhunt, but didn't recognize any of the mystery-tunes. Check with Retronic over at Retro-Teque, maybe he can help you out on this :)

  6. Absolutely, for the love of all that is electronic... more Voegeli, please!!!

  7. the link is broken